IEEE 5G-IoT Summit Hammamet
Wednesday, May 02, 2018
Hammamet, Tunisa
Co-located with UNet 2018

IEEE 5G-IoT Summit Hammamet

Colocated with the

International Symposium on Ubiquitous Networking (UNet'18)

As Internet usages are proliferating, communications networks are faced with new shortcomings. Future networks will have to support in 2020 mobile traffic volumes 1000 times larger than today and a spectrum crunch is anticipated. Wireless access rates are today significantly lower than those of fixed access, which prevents the emergence of ubiquitous low cost integrated access continuum with context independent operational characteristics. Communication networks energy consumption is growing rapidly, especially in the radio part of mobile networks. The proliferation of connected devices makes it very difficult to maintain similar performance characteristics over an ever larger portfolio of technologies and requirements (i.e.Ultra High Definition TV vs. M2M, IoT). Heterogeneity of access technologies entails unsustainable cost with increasing difficulties to integrate an ever larger set of resources with reduced OPEX. Network infrastructure openness is still limited. It prevents the emergence of integrated OTT (cloud)-network integration with predictable end to end performance characteristics, and limits the possibility for networks to become programmable infrastructures for innovation with functionalities exposed to developers’ communities.

This 5G SUMMIT focuses on exploring and elucidating all facets of the next generation of 5G technology, business and societal gaps and challenges between the current 3G-4G-LTE access-only Internet models and the proper vision of 5G, evolutionary or revolutionary, to go beyond just access by embracing and facilitating the upfront integration of all new technologies (IOT, SDN/NFV, Cloud Computing, ..) to be user-transparent, app-oriented, service-ready, ubiquitous and lowest cost.

Some of the worldwide 5G experts have been invited and attracted to share their state-of-the-art knowledge with the emerging 5G community in Morocco and around the world in view of facilitating the worldwide harmonization of research and best practices for deployment of viable user scenarios in the global 5G ecosystem, the built-in security and privacy by design in 5G, and explore the different ways to enable Internet protocols over the next generation of empowered devices in order to reach convergence and end to end transparency led by the IEEE 5G Technical subCommittee which is supporting technically this event.



Angel Lozano 
Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

Basem Shihada 
KAUST  University, Saudi Arabia

Belkacem Mouhouche 
Samsung Electronics Research & Development, UK

Miguel López-Benítez 
University of Liverpool, UK

Mohamed Siala 
University of Carthage, Tunisia

Ridha Hamila 
Qatar University, Qatar

Sofiène Affes 
INRS, Quebec University, Canada


Venue and Accommodation

The IEEE 5G-IoT Summit will be held in a 4* hotel in Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia. The summit venue will be announced soon...  

Organizing Committee

Mohamed-Slim Alouini 
KAUST  University, Saudi Arabia

Noureddine Boudriga 
University of Carthage, Tunisia

Slim Rekhis 
University of Carthage, Tunisia

Fethi Tlili 
University of Carthage, Tunisia

Essaid Sabir
 Hassen II University, Morocco

Mustapha Benjillali
 INPT, Morocco

Latif Ladid 
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Ashutosh Dutta
 Columbia University, USA

Mounir Ghogho
 International University of Rabat-Morocco/University of Leeds, UK

Walid Abdallah 
Aviation School of Borj El Amri, Tunisia

Yacine Djemaiel
 Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Communications, Tunisia 



To be Announced





IEEE 5G-IoT Summit day
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  • Please do not forget to add 5G-IoT Summit as a transaction label for your bank transfer.
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  • Please scan the filled and signed form, and the bank transfer confirmation bill and send them to Local Arrangement and Registration Chairs (Full-time students should send a proof of their full-time student status).
Payment to: ATRITS
Bank: Banque de l'Habitat, Agence El Ghazela, Angle rues Hasdrubal et Ammar Dakhlaoui, Cité El Ghazela, Ariana, Tunisia
IBAN (24 Digits): TN591 4085085101700065733
Swift Code: BHBKTNTT

If visa support is needed, please contact one of the conference chairs or TPC chairs with your registration confirmation.
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